CNN Used P2P Live Streaming for Inaguration Webcast

CNNがオバマ大統領就任式の生中継(UstreamではなくCNN独自のサイト、サーバーを使用した中継)をした祭に、P2P配信を投入していたという記事(torrent freakってソースが笑える)

With 25 million viewers on, this was probably the largest P2P live stream ever, although CNN did not reveal how many people used the P2P plugin.
CNN has been working with the Denmark-based company Octoshape for a few months now. Users have to install the Octoshape plugin for their web-browser, and this makes the regular Flash player through which they view the stream, P2P compliant.
Thus far, CNN has not commented in public on their use of Octoshape’s P2P plugin. However, from an insider who’s familiar with the technology, TorrentFreak learned that approximately 30% of the bandwidth for CNN’s live stream comes from peers. This obviously results in a significant reduction in bandwidth costs for the broadcaster.
CNN’s live stream was only boosted by Octoshape for those who watched it through the default Flash player, not the Windows media stream. The Flash team from Adobe has been working on their own P2P Flash implementation for a while, but thus far we are not aware of any public tests of their technology.
CNNの生中継において、Flash PlayerでのストリーミングはOctoshape社の(P2P)技術の恩恵を受けたが、WindowsMediaには同P2P技術は対応していなかった。また、Adobeの技術チームが独自のP2P配信技術を研究中であるらしいが、彼らの公開テストなどの進展があったとは聞いていない。
It is interesting to see that CNN supports P2P based streaming solutions, even though it’s a shame that they went for a closed source solution, instead of an open source product.